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With the release of Valorant Closed beta taking the world of the game by storm, a lot of people want to join in. The thing has resulted in a lot of confusion over just how you are able to access the beta and whether there are methods to get an edge in this system. This page consists of a quick guide and FAQ for you.

  1. How do you gain access to the Valorant Closed Beta?

First of all, you have to know how to get into the beta. There are three quick steps process for you. The first thing that you have to do is to register for an account with Riot Games. then, link your Riot Games account in your Twitch settings. After that, watch qualifying Valorant streams on Twitch. As many people know by now, a lot of streamers have been lying about having drops enabled in their stream, including prominent Twitch personalities like DrDisrespect.

  1. Can you watch more than one stream at a time to increase your chances?

Unfortunately, no is the short answer to this question. It does not matter if you have 40 streams open at one time, as long as they are all linked to the same Riot Games account, it will only count as one connection.

  1. Does the number of viewers on a stream make any difference?

You will nothave a better opportunity on a stream with fewer people. The while Valorant Closed Beta drop system is connected to the same pool. So if there are 1.7 million people online, you are competing against all of them, no matter whose stream you are on. You are allowed to watch whoever you enjoy the most and do not worry about the viewer count.

  1. Do you need to watch a streamer from your region?

You could be in Europe and still get a closed beta key while you are watching streamers such as Pokimane, summit1g, or TimTheTatman. You qualify, as long as you are watching a stream with drops enabled.s

  1. Do you need to watch for a certain amount of time to get a drop?

It is stated by Riot Games that the players have their best chance of qualifying for a drop after notching around 2 hours of cumulative stream time. On the other words, if you watch for a 30 minute session at one time, watch for a hour later in the day, and watch another 30 minutes the day after, you still qualify. You do not have to keep the same stream running or even open. Basically, all your watch time counts towards the total.

The good thing is that once you have notched two hours, you are eligible for all future drops. It is possible to watch for a couple of hour one day and wake up the next day with closed beta access. Please keep checking back to your Twitch profile for new notifications, even if you have not watched for a while.

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