Valorant Guide: Who to Play When You Get Into the Beta

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It seems like everyone and their mother has been given access to the Valorant closed beta. The thing is not fun to be left out, but instead of simply waiting for access, you need to start preparing. This page consists of a Valorant character guide that will give you a quick synopsis of ow each Agent plays, so you are ready to choose one that suits you best the second you get access.

When you finally jump into Valorant, you will be able to find five Agents unlocked by default, with two more earned after a short sequence of play. We have split the list below between default Agents and additional Agents so you have an idea of who you will start with and where to move onto afterward.

Default Agents

  1. Brimestone (Class: Controller)

Brimstone can be described as a tactical commando with versatile abilities that involve using the minimap. He is able to call down smoke grenades, fire napalms that act like molotovs, buff allied agents with the additional firepower, and call down an airstrike.

  1. Jett (Class: Duelist)

Jett is named as themost mobile Agent in the game called Valorant. This aspect makes her an ideal duelist, especially when she gets her knife ultimate. She does not provide a lot of utility outside of a smoke grenade but she is able to dash to engage or disengage or get up to high positions with her boost jump.

  1. Phoenix (Class: Duelist)

Phoenix is the Agent with an explosive playstyle. He is able to use them to create walls, as flashbangs around corners, and AoE molotov.

  1. Sage (Class: Sentinel)

Sage is able to use ice abilities to slow and block off her opponents.

  1. Sova (Class Initiator)

Sova is able to use his ability to track his enemies in combination with his ultimate.

Additional Agents

  1. Breach (Class: Initiator)

Breach is an initiator who excels at playing through walls and enemies that are positioned to hold chokepoints. The machines of him go through terrain and across the map to CC and kill opponents.

  1. Cyper (Class: Sentinel)

Cyper is a spy who is expert in gathering information through his camera and trip wires. He is amazing on defense as he is able to hold a lot of real estate on his own, but he is also able to be useful on offense since by making the potential flank routes limited or creating preventing a defusal easier.

  1. Omen (Class: Controller)

Omen is known as a flanker who is able to get behind the opponent lines with teleports and strike from sneaky angles. He has a few utility in the form of a smoke grenade and another ability that is able to go through walls and obscure the vision of opponents.

  1. Raze (Class: Duelist)

Raze is an expert when it comes to de facto exclusives with some of the most kill potential in Valorant.

  1. Viper (Class: Controller)

Viper is able to emit poison from a grenade or make a line wall with the vapors.

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