What Are Some of the Best Legendary Knifes in Breaking Point Roblox

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Breaking Point is one of games in Roblox. In the description of the game, it is categorized into a Horror game. In this game, you will have knives. So, what are the best Legendary Knives in this game?

Knives in Breaking Point game are skins which are obtainable and they are able to be found by opening Chests. You are able to buy chests with credits. According to Roblox Breaking Point Wiki, there are some devines of the knives and those are:

  • Areus. This is a knife which appeared as the first Mission knife which could only have been gained if 10 Missions were completed.
  • Cosmic. This is a holiday-exclusive divine from the Christmas crate and it could be bought for 8000 credits during Christmas of 2017-2018.
  • Fracture Knife. This knife is a Craft-able and requires 3 legendary knives, two of them are Valentines 2017 exclusive and the other one comes from a regular legendary box.
  • Eternal Knife. This is a divine that is an event box exclusive Valentine 2017 that costs 8000 credits per box opening and a random chance to get the knife.
  • Radiant Knife. This is a divine that is black with a blue electric like band that travels across the knife.
  • Azure Knife. This is a craftable knife and it is considered to be the lowest tier of the divines.
  • Arctic. This is a divine that is white with a blue smooth effect travelling across the knife.
  • Jade. This is a craftable knife and it is considered to be a low tier Divine, worth slightly more than Azure. For crafting, it requires two legendary knives and one rare knife including Emerald (Legendary), Sinister (Legendary) and Fall (Rare).
  • Infinite. This was only craftable for three months and it needed 300 wins during one of these months.

Now, how about the best legendary knives in the Breaking Point game? To know about the best legendary knives in the game, you are able to discuss it with other Breaking Point players in a forum or groups. It is because other players may know and have used each knife in the game so that they know which legendary knife which is best.

Sometimes, it is not easy to find the best weapon or knife in a game because each knife may have different advantage. However, you are able to ask other Breaking Point players about the best legendary knives in the game so that you may be able to consider to have them as well.

Breaking Point is a game which was created by Paradox on February 8th, 2017. Now, this game has been visited more than 326 million times. This game is able to be played by 16 players in each server. Now, this game has also been favorited more than 2 million times and also liked more than 600k times. Well, you are able to find out the best legendary knives and then you are able to play the game.

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