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In Roblox, now there is a Premium. Do you know what it is? It is a membership which replace the Builders Club which is the traditional membership in Roblox. In Bloxburg game in Roblox, there is also Premium gamepass. What function is this? Does this gamepass has the same function as Premium membership?

Gamepasses in Roblox games are boosts which are permanent. Those are able to be bought with Robux and each gamepass usually will grant a separate advantage in the game. In the game of Bloxburg actually, there are 7 gamepasses and one of them is Premium. If you are a member of Premium, you will be able to get halved bills, double daily rewards, a special nametag, increased donation limit and the ability to select your plot.

Here are the purposes of Premium gamepass in Bloxburg, based on Bloxburg Wikia:

  • 50% fewer bills (0.3% compared to 0.6% of your house value);
  • Double daily rewards;
  • A red nametag with [Premium] coming before your name in chat;
  • The ability to be able to select where you want your plot to be;
  • An increased donation limit;
  • When you join after buying, you are gifted with a premium trophy.

If you check about this Premium gamepass in Roblox, you will be able to see that the price of this gamepass is 400 Robux. The last update of this gamepass was on August 10th, 2019 and it was created by Coeptus. Now, this gamepass has more than 17k likes and 1.2k dislikes.

Some other gamepasses in Bloxburg are :

  • Excellent Employee which costs 300 Robux;
  • Multiple Floors which costs for 300 Robux;
  • Unlocked Stereo which costs for 400 Robux;
  • Advanced Placing which costs for 200 Robux;
  • Large Plot which costs for 250 Robux;
  • Basements which costs for 100 Robux.

Premium membership in Roblox as mentioned earlier is the new membership as a replacement of Builders Club. This Premium membership was confirmed for the first time on June 10th, 2019. Currently, there are some monthly premium plans and those are:

  • Roblox Premium 450 which costs $4.99 USD.
  • Roblox Premium 1000 which costs $9.99 USD.
  • Roblox Premium 2200 which costs $19.99 USD.

There are some trivia that you need to know about this Premium membership. First, the implementation of this membership make the Builders Club bonus items such as the Builders Club Hard Hat to be unobtainable. Then, players who had the prototype version of this membership do not have a corresponding Roblox badges which showcase the ownership of Premium. Instead, they have the Outrageous Builders Club badge on their profile. It is not like any other previous premium membership plan, Premium in Roblox was the first membership program which have the ability to lengthen your group count from 5 to 100 and it is no matter what tier you select.

So, you are able to buy Premium in Roblox to have a lot of benefits. If you play Bloxburg, having Premium gamepass is also a good thing since it will give you a lot of advantages as well.

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