What Does Programming Mean in Bloxburg

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If you are new in playing Bloxburg in Roblox, surely there are some terms that you do not really understand or you do not know what the meaning of it. Have you heard about Programming in Bloxburg game? If you have, do you know what it means?

In Bloxburg, there are skills. Skills in this game are talents that you are able to have and those can be leveled up. The level limit for all skills is 10. If you have reach level 10 in a skill, the reward that you will get is a trophy. How to level up the skills? You are able to level up your skills by doing certain activities.

There are 10 skills in Bloxburg game and Programming is one of the skills. Here is the list of skills in Bloxburg.

  • Athletic
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Gaming
  • Gardening
  • Intelligence
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Programming
  • Writing

Even though Programming is one of the skills in Bloxburg, but this skill is not implemented in the game yet. Nevertheless, there are some speculation about this skill in the Bloxburg game.

  • It seems that Programming skill will be earned by the use of a computer. Maybe, there will be Roblox Studio added to the play tab under computers.
  • The Lua/ Roblox Lua may be the only languages that you are able to learn because of Roblox using Lua for their studio.
  • A new job may be performed where you will take a role as a computer programmer and this skill would increase its yield.
  • This skill may be for iSlim computers at a minimum and it makes it harder to obtain.
  • It is possible that Programming skill benefit is to program games and then publish them to make money.
  • Same as the Writing skill, it is possible that you are able to just type and have a script done. It may mean that it was able to be a character and computer animation and not actually programming.
  • There is also a rumor which say that there may be a Programming Skill implementation which will come in 0.8.6.
  • This skill may be scrapped altogether.

As you are able to see in the Bloxburg game that Programming skill does not come yet. It is not known why the Programming skill’s UI is implemented in the game. If you are very interested in this skill, just hope that one day this skill will really exist in the game so that you are able to get this skill.

While waiting for this skill to come, you are able to get other skills such as Athletic, Writing, Gaming, Music, Painting, and Intelligence. For now, you have to be satisfied with these skills first. For your information, besides Programming skill, there is also another skill which is not implemented yet according to Welcome to Bloxburg Wikia. That skill is Crafting. So, play Bloxburg now and get the skills which are available.

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