What is Hot Bomb in GTA 5 Online

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Do you know what is Hot Bomb in GTA 5? If you like playing the game of GTA, you may will be familiar with Hot Bomb. For those who do not know what is Hot Bomb in GTA 5, well in this article, we are going to talk about that. You have to know that Hot Bomb is an arena war Adversary Mode in GTA (Grand Theft Auto) online as part of the Arena War update.


In Hot Bomb, the players compete to keep become the last man or the last team standing. Then, the host has the choice between creating the game mode a Last Team Standing or Last Man Standing. In Last Team Standing, the players are split into two teams and one team has to work together to eliminate the other. Depending on whether or not the host of the match sustain “Team Balancing”, the players are able to switch between the teams before the game starts. With Team Balancing allowed, so the number of total players joined is divided into two. Then, the option to “Join Team” before loading is disabled.

The players may select between any of the Arena Ready or Arena Contender vehicles before loading. If allowed by the host, the players are able to select a “Custom” vehicle. For your information, this mode is not restricted to any particular Arena War vehicle. With Custom Vehicles allowed, the players are also able to upgrade their vehicle before the match starts.

When the round starts, a random players are going to be given the bomb. Then, the random players have 1 minute to pass the bomb onto an opponent contender by creating contact with their vehicle. After the time has go, the contender that carrying the bomb is going to be destroyed and eliminated from the match. The players who are killed are going to be forced to watch from the spectator box. The eliminated players are also able to use the traps, RC Banditos, turrets, and Battle Drones to damage the remaining opponent contenders.

Usually, the bomb’s timer is going to decrease in five second increments, or down to a minimum of thirty seconds. In this case, if the player that taking the bomb is destroyed by other ways, so the bomb is going to be given to another player. However, the bomb’s timer will not decrease by 5 seconds. After only one player or only one team keep remain, so that player or that team are going to win in the round.


Apparently, there are three location of Hot Bomb for each Arena War. Those three location are Hot Bomb I that takes place in an Apocalypse Arena, Hot Bomb II that takes place in a Future Shock Arena and Hot Bomb III that takes place in a Nightmare Arena. You have to note that all three maps are open space. They do not consist of any circuits or laps.

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