When Did Apex Legends Come Out

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Coming to this page to know more about Apex Legends definitely is not wrong for you. However, it can be something important for you to know more facts about Apex Legends if you are getting in touch with Apex Legends for now. So, do you know the main history of Apex Legends launch and when did Apex Legend come out for?

Of course, those are the main facts that you have to know if you really love for this epic game. As we have known before that Apex Legends comes to be a free-to-play battle royale game mode. Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment published by ELectronic Arts (EA).

The game formerly was released for Windows, Xbox One and PS4. But, recently, there is a new fact in which Apex Legends will be available on Mobile devices. Unfortunately, for the released date is unconfirmed yet by EA.

Talking about when the Apex Legends come out, it is absolutely a common question that we can answer. Apex Legends surprisingly was launched on February 4, 2019. In this month, Apex Legends was celebrating its first birthday. Since the launch of this game, it was an immediate hit with 50 million players.

There are some big reason why Apex Legends getting popular. They are:

  • The game is free: The first reason why Apex Legends is getting popular because the developer offers for free-to-play game for gamers. As we have known that free game will be played a lot by gamers. Like many other shooter video games that should be paid, but it is not for Apex Legends in which you can play it for free.
  • Having a great power: The second reason is in the character abilities that will give you a basic plan. Certainly, it will help newcomers to have the skill in playing character in Apex Legends. Then, if you already have skill for each character, of course, starting to play in the next match can be easier for you.
  • Focused team: In this developing game project, Apex Legends was built around the idea not just in character skill. In this case, you can combine with the above and your game to actively foster the team play.
  • Having partnership with influencers: Of course, the game will not exist for longer time without best influential players who make the game becoming popular. For this project, Apex Legends catches some gaming influencers on Twitch and YouTube to work together. In this case, the influencers are asked to make the game getting hits and popular through their gameplay shared on some consoles.
  • Give any rewards: Apex Legends become the game which always gives XP for the players even it cannot survive. Every second, you will be alive in this game even if you are killed or win. So, that can be an advantage for this game to be more favored.

So from any reasons above, it is no doubt since its launch, Apex Legends is quickly getting popular around the world with big contribution of best-competitive players.

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