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In the internet, there are a lot of quizzes that you are able to take. The quizzes can be about anything. If you like playing Roblox, there are also quizzes about it. In the quiz, usually the questions will ask you about Roblox and to test you how much you know about Roblox.

The questions of the quizzes are various. One of the questions that you may get is about your first friend in Roblox. You may not know who he or she is since you created your Roblox account long time ago and you forgot who your first friend on Roblox is. However, if the quiz is in the form of multiple choices, you also may not know the answer of the question.

  • Who is your first friend on Roblox?
  1. Builderguy
  2. Builderman
  3. Guy
  4. Admin
  5. Roblox

From this question with these choices of answer, which one will you choose? Do you know the exact answer of this question? Well, the answer of this questions is Builderman. So, the first friend of player in Roblox is Builderman. Who is Builderman?

Builderman is an administrator which is inactive and he joined Roblox on March 8th, 2006. Builderman would be the first friend of every player in Roblox automatically whenever a user created an account. However, since the implementation of “Followers” in early February 2015, Roblox began with no friends. All Roblox users who had him as a friend are following him now and he does not have a friend on his friend list.

If there was a person who created an account on Roblox, Builderman would send the user a message automatically and the message says:

“Hello, and welcome!”

In addition, in the message, he says that Roblox is an ever-evolving place where they are on a never ending quest to keep Roblox fun, safe and creative for all of builders. To that effect, they are constantly updating Roblox. He also give information about the Blog site of Roblox that we can access for latest news, Help pages, and also forum.

Do you know the clothes of Builderman? He wore an orange torso with a wrench T-shirt, black arms, black legs, a yellow head and also a BC Hard Hat. Around 2011, his look changed. The BC Hard Hat was changed to a TBC Hard Hat and he also wore a shirt and pants and the 2.0 package. Then, his face was also changed to Mr. Chuckles. In 2006, his username was originally set to “BuilderMan” and then in around 2007, his name changed to “Builderman”. After that, it was set to “builderman” and it is still remains this way.

For your information, builderman had the most friends on Roblox with more than 60 million default friends before the friends and followers update. Well, since now, you will not make any mistake again when you have to answer the question of quiz about who your first friend is. Now, you know how to answer it. So, good luck for your quiz and get the highest score!

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